18 May 2017

Darlington Green Party are proud to have chosen Matthew Snedker as their 2017 General Election candidate. Matthew has been central to the establishment of Darlington Green Party locally, and stood for election in the Brinkburn and Faverdale ward in the 2015 council elections.

Matthew (left) while leafleting in Neville's Cross, in the Durham council elections

In his own words:

I moved to Darlington in 1997. I worked as a senior sales manager for a national retailer before starting a family. I’m now the father of three school age children and my partner, Catriona, works in the chemical industry.

I have campaigned for environmental justice for two decades helping to set up community allotments, orchards and wildflower meadows. I coordinate an award winning road safety campaign and I work for bike hire and bike recycling groups.

I joined The Green Party when it became clear that I had been asking the wrong people to do the right thing. Now it is time to put the right people into Parliament.

Darlington will benefit greatly from Green Party policies:

A fair economy that works for the common good is just what Darlington needs. We have the skills and industry that are ready to transform our region with a stable economy that is run in everyone’s best interest.

A public NHS in national hands. Our growing town will bring increasing demands on our NHS and social services. The current plans to reduce A&E and maternity provision in our region are fundamentally flawed and must be reversed. I fully support restoring a public NHS.

Decent housing for the Borough. New houses should be built to the highest energy efficiency levels. This would cut fuel bills by 90% giving a standard of living rise to our new citizens.

Better transport is needed because the 10,000 new homes planned for Darlington could put 25,000 more cars on our roads. Our roads are at gridlock and air pollution levels are dangerously high.

Free Education and teachers free to teach. Headteachers recently wrote to Darlington parents warning of the consequences of underfunding. I will make schools locally accountable, scrap Ofsed, and cancel student loans.


Matthew talks to local NHS campaigners

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