Local elections

2019 Local council elections

Once again Darlington Green Party are standing a candidate in every ward in the town, and were successful in getting Matthew Snedker and Bryony Holroyd elected in College ward - the first Green Councilors in Darlington history!

  • Bank Top and Lascelles - Kevin Lewis
  • Brinkburn and Favedale - Terri Hankinson
  • Cockerton - Ty Hankinson
  • College - Bryony Holroyd and Matthew Snedker
  • Eastbourne - Richard Wise
  • Harrowgate Hill - Christopher Brown
  • Haughton and Springfield - Mike McTimoney
  • Heighton and Coniscliffe - Helen Kinch
  • Hummersknott - Kathy Barley
  • Hurworth - Richard Lawley
  • Mowden - Michael Cooke
  • North Road - Anna-Maria Thain
  • Northgate - Neil Kang-Scarth
  • Park East - Jon Barley
  • Park West - Louise Maddison and Martin Wood
  • Pierremont - Michael Chapman
  • Red Hall and Lingfield - Fran Wood
  • Sadberge and Middleton St George - Peter Commane
  • Stephenson - Lucy Chapman
  • Whinfield - Brian Tudor

2017 Parliamentary election

  • Parliamentary candidate: Matthew Snedker

The next local council elections in Darlington are expected to take place in 2019.

2015 Parliamentary and local council elections

While still under the umbrella of Teesside Green Party, Darlington Greens stood in both the Parliamentary election and had at least one candidate in every ward in the Council elections:

  • Parliamentary candidate: Mike Cherrington
  • Bank Top and Lascelles: Louise Maddison
  • Brinkburn and Faverdale: Terri Hankinson, Anita Harris, Matthew Snedker
  • Cockerton: Dylan Gradwell
  • College:  Fran Wood
  • Eastbourne: Dylan Wilson
  • Harrowgate Hill: Mike Cherrington
  • Haughton and Springfield:  Mike McTimoney
  • Heighton and Conniscliffe:  Mel Wilson
  • Hummersknott: Jo Adams
  • Hurworth: Peter Commane, Richard Lawley
  • Mowden: Marilyn Moore
  • Northgate: Lucy Chapman
  • North Road: Bryony Holroyd, Neil Kang-Scarth, Martin Wood
  • Park East: Jo Land,  Richard Stevens
  • Park West: Richard Les
  • Pierremont: Michael Chapman
  • Red Hall and Lingfield: Luke Weir
  • Sadberge and Middleton St George: Nikki Castell
  • Stephenson: Jake Forth
  • Whinfield: Yvonne Cherrington

The results of the 2015 Parliamentary and local council elections can be found on the Darlington Borough Council website.